Mashed Potatoes, Lima Beans, and Pears: Textures and Autism

I’ve never liked lima beans.  They taste just awful and have an odd texture.  Pears would actually be halfway decent if it weren’t for their texture, which in my mind is similar to that of lima beans.  Yuck!

My son, on the other hand, absolutely hates mashed potatoes.  In the beginning, he would only form of potatoes he would eat was french fries.  All other forms of potatoes were only grudgingly eaten because he didn’t like them (and we would only put a spoonful or so on his plate, and he had to eat them).  We can now get him to eat Au Gratin potatoes and Julienne style potatoes, which he has learned to like, but he still won’t eat more than a bite or two of mashed potatoes.  I tend not to push the mashed potatoes as much now because there are lots of other foods that he does like.

Haircuts are another dislike of his.  Something about the cut hair getting on his skin really irritates him.  Fortunately his mom usually gives him the haircut.  When he was younger, he would have a meltdown and would cry and say through his tears how itchy the hair was.  We’ve gotten around this by wrapping a towel snugly around his neck to keep the hair from going down his shirt, but invariably when removing the towel a few hairs would go down his shirt and he would start complaining again (though not a full meltdown) about how itchy he felt.

Our solution to the itchy problem? Immediately after the haircut, send him to the shower.  The water rinses the hair off of him, and he is no longer itchy.


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